Links for Thought (Oct 23)

Image from ICAN of Atlanta’s beautiful slideshow of VBAC mothers who are under continuous electronic fetal monitoring yet are active and upright in labor.

The latest round of Links for Thought: a roundup of helpful and thought-provoking links for mothers and mothers-to-be!

  • Cesarean Courage.  Honoring mothers who have given birth by C-section.  (There Are No Ordinary Moments)
  • Delaying Cord Clamping Explained! (VIDEO and post).  Why waiting to cut the cord for at least 2 minutes (or, even better, until the cord stops pulsing) is a practice to negotiate for with your OB — and also a practice that all maternity care providers would be wise to adopt, especially for babies needing resuscitation.  (The Stir; via local doula Leslie Cuffee)
  • 10 Things Not To Say To Parents of Preemies.  Having a premature infant is a phenomenally stressful experience for parents.  What you say to these women and men, and how you say it, matters.  A lot.  In addition to 10 remarks of which to steer clear, this article also specifies 10 things to say (and do) to help. (CommonHealth)
  • Mom on Mom.  The best thing I’ve read in weeks!  A brilliant essay on why and how mothers should be kinder to each other, especially online.  I’ll be the first to admit that while I always try to hit this mark, I don’t always succeed.  But I will always try.  Promise!  (Huffington Post; via Kristen of Birthing Beautiful Ideas)

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