Links for Thought (Oct 26): Pregnancy & Birth

Image: Gina and her newborn baby girl

The latest round of Links for Thought: a roundup of helpful and thought-provoking links for mothers and mothers-to-be!  The theme this time is pregnancy and birth — and a few bonus links are included for fun!

  • Home VBAC in Water (VIDEO).  “Though it may have sounded scary at times, or like I was howling in pain, these few minutes are the most powerful and joyful of my entire life.  I would do this a thousand times over if I could.” Begins a few minutes into pushing; contains nudity. Real, powerful, beautiful! (The Feminist Breeder)
  • Wondfo Pregnancy Tests.  $5.25 for 25 test strips (or $9.54 for 50) plus free shipping!  If only I’d known about these when we were trying to conceive.  Happy babymaking! (Amazon)

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