Did You Know? (15 Oct 2013)

Another roundup of links that first appeared on Williamsburg Mothering’s Facebook page – “LIKE” Williamsburg Mothering on Facebook to get the latest links as soon as they’re up!

  • Perineal Protectors.  A thoughtful examination of different methods of protecting the perineum and preventing tearing during birth. (Midwife Thinking)
  • What’s Wrong With Time-Outs? This article on time-outs by clinical psychologist Laura Markham made so much sense to me. Time-outs are of course better than physical punishment, but preventative time-ins are better than time-outs! (Aha! Parenting)
  • Behavioral Sleep Interventions in the First Six Months of Life Do Not Improve Outcomes for Mothers or Infants. A new systematic review examined outcomes of sleep training in infants younger than 6 months and found “these strategies have not been shown to decrease infant crying, prevent sleep and behavioral problems in later childhood, or protect against postnatal depression. In addition, behavioral interventions for infant sleep…, risk unintended outcomes, including increased amounts of problem crying, premature cessation of breastfeeding, worsened maternal anxiety, and, if the infant is required to sleep either day or night in a room separate from the caregiver, an increased risk of SIDS.” (Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics)
  • Steps to Help Avoid Hip Dysplasia in Babies. Swaddling baby’s hips too tightly, and wearing baby in a carrier that supports baby only at the crotch (rather than supporting baby’s legs all the way to the knee), can contribute to hip dysplasia. This is a nice overview of what hip dysplasia is, with tips for preventing it, including hip-healthy baby carriers and a video of hip-safe swaddling methods. (WellnessMama)

2 thoughts on “Did You Know? (15 Oct 2013)

  1. In your article of things to realize before visiting moms and newborns I have a few suggestions. When a family is dealing with a infant in nicu parking fees at large regional hospitals can add up to thousands of dollars if the baby has a very extended stay. Cash is appreciated. Babysitters for siblings is essential. When it is appropriate family and close friends accompanying the parents to see the baby according to hospital rules is terrible supportive and let’s those closest really understand the gravity of the situation and understand what the parents are talking about. Having priests ministers and rabbi etc come to visit with parents is quite comforting. If the parents are overwhelmed trying to keep everyone concerned updated offer to update daily or as the parents need.

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