How We Cloth Diaper

Bennett at 4 months in a red-edge Workhorse Fitted and a Thirsties cover

We cloth diaper, and I am often asked about our setup: which diapers we use, how we wash them, what we do when we are out and about or traveling.  These questions have come frequently enough that they now merit their own post!

This post is not a comprehensive overview of cloth diapering — it’s just a personal account of what works well for our family.  There are many cloth diapering options these days, and every cloth diapering family will find its own best setup.  Some families will love the convenience of all-in-one diapers. Some families will love the economy of prefolds and covers.  Most families will find themselves trying — and often using — a mix of diaper styles!

Before I begin, here is a list of helpful cloth diapering resources:

And finally, here are the details of our cloth diapering setup, FAQ-style!

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