WilliamsburgMothering.com Is Closing

[UPDATE: WilliamsburgMothering.com is now closed.]

Friends, I am writing with bittersweet news: after over five great years, WilliamsburgMothering.com will be closing this week.  This blog was founded in fall of 2010, shortly before my first child was born.  Since that time, I have loved being with you all in this space, sharing local resources and talking about all things birth- and parenting-related.

The years have flown by, and after our family welcomed our second child, the time to maintain and update this site grew scarcer and scarcer.  I never wanted to turn the blog into a business (and, in fact, the blog’s labor-of-love, not-for-profit status has been a large part of its appeal to readers), but also never anticipated its popularity.  To keep the site updated, relevant, and active, a business it would have to be.  This summer, the time has finally come to bring WilliamsburgMothering.com to a close.

I want to thank the many mothers who told their powerful birth stories in the blog’s Local Birth Stories series; the many mothers who shared loving support and local resources on Facebook in Williamsburg Mothering Group during its four-year run; and the many, many visitors over the years who have read the blog and written in with comments, questions, critique, gratitude, and encouragement.  I also thank the hundreds of thousands of readers who read the 2013 post on visiting a family with a new baby — the blog’s all-time most popular (and controversial) article!

From local mothers (and from the blog’s stats), it is clear that some of the most-missed blog resources will be the listings of maternity care providers — OBs, hospital midwives, homebirth midwives, doulas, etc.  Please note that although it is different in nature than Williamsburg Mothering’s resource list, the Birth Matters Virginia website now does offer a searchable database of care providers.

Another much-missed resource will be the listing of mother’s groups.  Going forward, this “Local Groups” listing at WilliamsburgFamilies.com, Meetup.com (search “mom”), Facebook, and Birth Matters Williamsburg are possibilities for finding that all-important connection with other mothers and parents.

Again, thank you for the last half decade!  This time here with you has been a true honor and a great pleasure.  Now and always, I wish you the very best!

With gratitude,